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£10 / 1000 words  for copy that is typed

£13 / 1000 words for copy that is handwritten.

Dissertations and theses are the same, but a 5% discount is offered to students.

Digital Transcription

Pricing is based on the industry standard of a recording that is 15 audio minutes in length and will take 1 hour to transcribe, and is dependent on the number of voices and the quality of recording.

Turnaround time is 48 hours for a recording of up to 2 hours.  Recordings over 2 hours duration will need to be assessed and time period agreed.

The pricing is based on per audio minute.

£1.30 for single voice

£1.65 for two voices or more voices

Call Handling

I now have a shared business providing this service called Catch Your Calls.  I run with together with Carole Meyrick and Jane Mellor and you can find out more about the service here.

We have two services as explained below and the rates are different depending on what service you need.

With Call Answering, we will answer your calls in your company name, and take a detailed message, including caller’s name, telephone number, subject of the call and any other relevant information, and email this to you as soon as the call ends.

Our Virtual Receptionist service also includes urgent text (SMS) messages, incoming and outgoing calls, appointment booking, diary management and transferring calls. We can also act as a point of information for your business. No-one will know your Receptionist isn’t sitting in your office!

Standard Call Cover – Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Email Marketing

Based on information and layout fully provided with a mailing list of around 1000 people. Prices start from £150 per mailshot.

Please ask for a quotation for the above services which are tailored to your needs


Administrative Support pricing is based on £175 per half day or £350 for a full day based on an 8 hour day.  A quotation will always be provided for Solutions which are tailored to your needs.

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