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Rachel Brett



Style or Substance – Which do you prefer?

This is the question on the table! I was recently asked to blog about what it was that got me so hot under the collar when I saw people trying to recruit a VA (Virtual Assistant) as a cheap employee. My view is that there is nothing wrong with recruiting an employee, if this is […]


The art of record taking – and how to save time

“Got it all down, then?” a colleague joked after seeing my furious scribbling during a long, complex meeting. “Yes, made a few notes but it’s all in here [digital recorder].” I was relieved it was on tape . . . there were loads of good quotes, facts and figures, and I would be lucky to […]


Calling out for Calling Handlers

One of the services I offer is Call Handling. Very often I get asked by clients to handle their calls and I know I cannot be at my desk 24/7. In fact I could be taking a call at the same time my client’s line is operating. For a VA that is a nightmare scenario. […]



Coming up to Christmas with all the lights blazing, you feel such a great sense of renewal and wanting to move on. The news on the street and with fellow businesses seems to be there is the feeling of improvement in the marketplace and you want some of that. As the need to move forward […]


Rachel’s Musings – a new beginning (one more time!!)

I have decided to start writing a blog about my musings of life, work, etc. I have no magic answers, loads of questions and most importantly believe the only way things work, is the way things work. And so it begins…. I have just reread Brad Burton’s GOYA and read his second and third book. […]



Below is a list of ways a VA can help in an hour: 1.  Mail merge, print, envelope stuff and post 100 letters 2.  Type a 15 minute audio recording and proof-read it 3.   Create a LinkedIn Company page 4.   Convert Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents to PDF 5.   Set up a monthly email newsletter 6.  Research Travel times, […]


Brand new me!

Getting back your business feet can be the hardest task to achieve after having to face a few personal challenges. Good fortune and hard work is said to be essential in building a business, even more so when you have been through hell and back.  Well whatever way round it comes, I was fortunate enough […]

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