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Calling out for Calling Handlers

One of the services I offer is Call Handling. Very often I get asked by clients to handle their calls and I know I cannot be at my desk 24/7. In fact I could be taking a call at the same time my client’s line is operating. For a VA that is a nightmare scenario. So what can you do?

Well I know this is not the best opening bid there is asking for call handlers, but is in fact, the reason for writing this blog. I am looking for VA’s who are committed to their business, who would like to be able to offer an additional service and in return be part of a team that is both fun to be with and not be alone.

Think of it, you will be able to offer a service that not only you are part of, but also understand how to encourage more clients to join.

You will be part of a team who can help you with various ideas on work without fear or favour and even introduce to more like minded individuals, and you won’t be by yourself (we always have two people on a shift).

You can earn money from your shift and even earn commission on every client you introduce. You will be part of a business that you can help shape as well as learn to gain confidence in running your own.

If there is a catch you will have to buy a VOIP phone to be part of the team, but you should be able to cover the cost very quickly depending on what model you select and you will have to commit to regular shifts – times to be agreed with available slots offered.

So if you are a VA, and are looking to have some regular income that will add to your bottom line as well as be part of a supportive team who are helpful and friendly and are from all parts of the country, then join us at

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Hi Rachel,

I hope you are well.

Just read your note ‘Calling out for Call Handlers”….just to give you a quick brief intro to my situation – I’m just starting out thinking about setting-up a part-time VA business – (as I currently work full-time as a PA in the Corporate World) and I guess any experience against any services that I could potentially offer in the future would be beneficial to me and who knows maybe we could work together on any future projects etc. I currently work 8:30am – 5:30pm Monday through to Friday so I’m not sure if this is what you would be looking for but if you are looking for someone to potentially cover a couple of evenings per week or part-weekends then by all means please give me a call +44 (0)7535 744709 to discuss the finer details, what is invovled etc.

Many thanks Rachel and look forward to hearning from you shortly.

Alison Cheneler
+44 (0)7535 744709

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